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Company Preamble

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  As global markets become more complex business models, coupled with the competitive environment has been developed to white-hot stage. Customer service quality, price and speed of response to growing demand. It is obvious that the logistics business to survive, must be based on the needs of customers to make appropriate adjustments to provide a higher level and value-added services in order to maintain competitiveness in the world market.
  HONESTY GROUP LIMITED over the years since its inception, has been adhering to the purpose of sincere service, our goal is not simply lie in the future to meet the customer's needs, but anticipating exceeding customer expectations, to prove HONESTY GROUP LIMITED for the market's most innovative logistics agency.
  In the past days, we plan carefully to customers everywhere, constantly unshaken spirit and experience to assist customers in the transportation planning process to seek a better solution; to meet future challenges, we will strive to enhance products and services and transportation networks the quality and breadth to meet the needs of different customers.
  In addition to improving the quality of service, the quality of our employees and information technology equal importance. We will continue to invest in the development and improvement of capital facilities in order to better cope with future challenges. With this stock professionalism, the Group achieved remarkable success, laying the foundation for future development, and look forward to succeeding in future.
  We are very grateful for their support over the years has been the majority of customers, business partners and the company's investment in the staff work and effort, enabling the Group to obtain a wide range of success. Our confidence in the future and believe that we will continue to work in practice pledge to maintain industry leadership.
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