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HONESTY Superiority

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After sixteen years.
Our roots in the international logistics market, savings ample funds, professional team, rich experience, vast network of contacts, plus time for the global cargo service sincere heart in order to bring today's gold-Logistics.
The future, we will continue to create a more powerful team, integrating more lucrative resources to offer you better service product!


Best logistics solutions from supply chain management to customer demand for a deep understanding of, and accordingly for the customers to choose the best products, services and technical support portfolio solutions to meet the customer's individual requirements.
We always keep in close contact with our customers.
Because our goal is not only to understand your business, it is to comprehend your business management in order to think you want, do what you did.


Unity of knowledge is the key to the final.
You need more than just a freight forwarder or a third-party logistics providers, all you need is the same as Han Cheng Logistics Logistics understand your needs and provide both safety, agility and economy of logistics solutions for long-term strategic partner.
Jincheng Logistics always go all out to complete your trust, so that your business conduct no worries!

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