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2014 Moon-cake gambling dinner in Mid-Autumn

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2014 Moon-cake gambling dinner in Mid-Autumn

* Source : * Author : honestygroup * Published : 2014-10-08 * Browse : 134

On Sep.12, 2014, when the annual Mid-Autumn festival approaching, group executives and employees gathered in “Min River South" music restaurant, celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival together.

The highlight of this dinner-- gambling first, tinkle of dice touching the bowls and the scream uped and downed , the laughter floated out from people's heart. All people felt happy.A big family warm air fulled of the field.

After a fierce struggle, the table top had been announced, Board Chairman Zheng awarded the top prize, the table tops toasted to celebrate together. The scene applaused, cheered for tops good luck constantly.

Board Chairman Zheng later came to stage to address “The annual Moon-cake gambling dinner in Mid-Autumn is the corporated culture of Honesty Group, and also the care for employees.Thanks to the Honesty Group person's efforts. Wish everyone here all have a happy Mid-Autumn festival, all the best. ”

Then everybody enjoyed a big dinner, and see the wonderful songs and magic show. Some game were interspersed within the dinner, " fruit squat ", "beer suction " and "trample the balloon", until 10 PM the dinner ended, everyone left with full of gifts.




The gambling is beginning...


Lucky guys tonight – Award for Number one winners 


Executives are toasting to celebrate together.


Executives are toasting to celebrate together.


Moving singing performance


Wonderful magic show


"Fruits squat" game


"Beer suction " game,


"Beer suction " game,


"Trample the balloon"game

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