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2014 Company Annual Dinner Party

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2014 Company Annual Dinner Party

* Source : * Author : honestygroup * Published : 2014-01-25 * Browse : 400

Annual big day comes on time, our year-end dinner make a splashy appearance again. Honesty Group hold a characteristic party in Fuzhou Empark Grand Hotel on 18Jan.It’s a joyful and passionate evening of Honesty Group, everywhere is happy sea.

2013 is a year worthy to be memorable. We meet beautiful and terrible weather in this year, but all colleagues made unremitting efforts under the leadership of company, we fight together and get through the difficult times. It’s time to say good-bye to 2013 and welcome 2014. In the new year, we still have a long way to go. But we have confident faith and high morale to march forward bravely.

Here’re our brothers and sisters, here’s our warm family, here’re our growing bit by bit. In this evening, we singing and dancing, we enjoy the revelry to remember this unforgettable moment. Let’s hand in hand together, then follow our leaders to contribute our passion and intelligence for the beautiful future of Honesty Group.




We’re a family


New year is coming soon, girls are playing the modern drum


MC make a opening speech


Award for “2013 Excellent Staff”


Award for “2013 Excellent Supervisor”


Award for “Long Service Prize”


Wonderful show 《Korea style》(一)


Wonderful show 《Korea style》(二)


Wonderful show 《Nobody》(一)


Wonderful show 《Nobody》(二)


Wonderful show 《Thousand-hand Kwan-yin》


Wonderful show 《Love for sale》


Sales department were drinking in the party


Wonderful show 《High School Musical》(一)


Wonderful show 《High School Musical》(二)


So great party, let’s enjoy it!

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